Measuring Success

Come one, come all—it’s time to talk social strategy! To have a successful social strategy it’s important to measure your success. Understanding what your audience enjoys empowers you to make the best content decisions to retain them. While each platform employs their algorithm differently, the common denominator is that social is a numbers game. 

TBH, I love a good acronym, so here we go! There are many methods to assess your social performance, I apply the G.R.E.E.N approach!

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Growth and Development 

Due to the algorithm the amount of times your content is displayed and interacted with depends on your audience. The more users you attract to interact with your content, the more your content is displayed and prioritized. Social platforms prioritize the content they believe their audience wants to see because the aim is to keep their users on the platform as long as possible.  


To experience audience growth, you need to satisfy your current base. Always review your insights to analyze how your content is performing and what your audience prefers.Some questions to consider are:  Who is your demographic? Do you need to adjust your posting times or frequency? Should you reevaluate the types of content you’re sharing?


One of the more prominent ways to track how effective your content strategy is, is via your engagement. Engagement is the umbrella term for likes, comments and shares. Favored content yields favorable results. 

Establish your KPI’S 

Your content strategy will vary by channel and your account’s goals, but it’s critical to establish your KPI’s. Knowing and understanding your targets will empower you and your team to make the most fruitful content decisions.

Number of Shares 

More Shares = More Engagement = More Traffic. When your audience likes and shares your content they inadvertently become ambassadors for your brand. In doing so, 

Below are some tactics for creating shareable content:

  • Tap into trending topics
  • Creating shareable content 
  • Post a call-to-action 
  • Educate while entertain, you can add value to your audience by sharing facts or infographics 
  • Tell a story
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Social media is constantly evolving and changing, the only constant is change. But what remains consistent for every platform is that data is king and numbers don’t lie. Each social platform offers a suite of insight tools for free. Unsure of how to navigate them? There’s a myriad of tutorials and resources available to help you. You should review your analytics regularly so that you’re empowered to make the best content decisions.

Also, be social on social! The more you engage with your audience the more they’ll engage with you.

Now that you have the blueprint, time to go build that stellar social strategy!

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