Managing a social media presence is a huge and time consuming responsibility. Here are a few questions to ask prior to getting started. 

  1. How will social media help you achieve your communication goals? How will your departmental initiatives be communicated in a social space?
  2. Who is your audience?
  3. What would you like your audience to do after consuming content on social media?
  4. What social media platforms are you considering and how will they specifically be used to achieve your goals?
  5. What is your capacity to create a social media strategy and create content for it? Do you believe you have time to dedicate to this endeavor?
  6. What content is available that meets your communication goals?
  7. How will your social media presence distinguish itself from existing social media channels representing the university?
  8. Who has access to these account(s) and what is the approval process before publishing?
  9. Are there social media channels within the university that can assist you in achieving your communication goals? 
  10. How will you know if your strategy is successful and how will you adapt if it is not?
  11. What concerns and limitations will inhibit you from executing a social media strategy?
  12. Have you spoken with and gathered feedback from the social leads within the WashU community?

The social team within University Marketing & Communications is here to help! We along with the various social leads across campus are happy to discuss if this is the right outlet for your needs and offer suggestions on helping you achieve your goals.